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Psychic  Medium KIsha Burgos


Spiritual Communication Reading $100

Contact with your loved ones & friends get "Final Messages." Get unfinished  issues resolved. Begin the healing process. You may ask 2 questions via email, however you will receive whatever and all information that comes through, and I will answer follow up questions as well. The main objective is for you to heal and understand.  We can also arrange a phone reading, or if you are in Orange County, NY we can do an in person reading. Please click on the contact link to set up an appointment.

After you submit your questions, I will send a PayPal request for payment.

Angel Card Reading: $45 

Get an Angelic reading that will help you on your life's journey. Find out if   you are on your path to really fulfilling your life's purpose. Want to know, when will the money come in?  Or what can you do to make more  money? How about if a new love interest is on the horizon? Or just simply, What do the Angles want me to know?  What ever you ask, you  will not be disappointed. Order your reading today! 


   After you submit payment, I will send you an email for your questions.  Thank you.



                                                                                                                                                                                                 Reiki Distant Healing:  FREE

                               Distant healing requests are very simple to get. Just send me and email with the name of the person you want the distant  healing to go to. Now Reiki can not cure any disease, however it can greatly  improve your pain or situation. Try it  today you have nothing to loose, and a lot of good energy to gain.

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I will do Distant Reiki Sessions on Sunday nights from 10:30pm-11:00pm E.T.

What to expect from a Distant Reiki Treatment:

You may or may not feel a tingling sensation when I am doing your session. If you feel nothing, it does not mean, nothing happened.  It just means you are are not that sensitive to the energies.  Some people are, some people aren't.



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"I would highly recommend Kisha because she is really on point. Thank You Kisha and God Bless You." -- Debra

"Thanks Kisha, I really appreciate your help."-Marie