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Angry Woman or Man Food..

     So I really hope that I can keep this blog up.  I am determined to overcome my shortcomings, one way or another. Right now my head is pounding, and I have absolutely no idea why.  I am not big on taking OTC pain killers until it is absolutely necessary.  I always worry about the side effects of…

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Hug a Tree..

     Hug a tree? What the!? Yes, it's true I have to "Hug a Tree" from time to time. It helps to ground me, especially after being around a lot of different energies, especially negative ones.  My son Kabir calls it... #MediumProblems....Got to love him, but the jokes on him because, he can see p…

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Being a Psychic Medium Blog...

   Being a Psychic Medium, (going forward, I will use the initials PM for psychic medium)  is sometimes not what you would expect. I had to stop watching the news, because hearing about all the murder, death, kill, got to be too much for me to handle. I am not a weak person, not by far. Mentally, …

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Starting to Spill my Spiritual Guts..

     I have  recently decided to start writing down some of my experiences, as a Psychic Medium. Some of them funny, some of them strange.  Some I still can't figure out. They involve, family, friends, strangers and of course the spirits themselves.  Some have nothing to do with the spirit world.…

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