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Hug a Tree..

     Hug a tree? What the!? Yes, it's true I have to "Hug a Tree" from time to time. It helps to ground me, especially after being around a lot of different energies, especially negative ones.  My son Kabir calls it... #MediumProblems....Got to love him, but the jokes on him because, he can see psychic energy too, and he can feel many different energies as well. So soon enough the both of us will be hugging that tree!  Quite frankly, we all in the family have the gift, to one degree or another. That I will save for another blog entry.  Even those of you who may be reading this, possess the gift as well. We have been trained by society to shut it down, ignore it, or think it is something bad. All of that nonsense is simply not true.  Once you can come to terms with that fact, you will see life from a totally different aspect, and gain a new sense of well deserved freedom. Till next time...I think that's a good closing.  What do you think? :-)

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"Thanks Kisha, I really appreciate your help."-Marie