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   Being a Psychic Medium, (going forward, I will use the initials PM for psychic medium)  is sometimes not what you would expect. I had to stop watching the news, because hearing about all the murder, death, kill, got to be too much for me to handle. I am not a weak person, not by far. Mentally, nor physically. It's just I actually started to feel the person's pain, either right before they passed, or started to feel their loved ones pain. I know you are thinking, this is not funny!? I thought this was all going to be funny? The funny part is even after I turn off the TV, they still show up and say, "I know you can still help me" At first this used to startle me. That is until I learned, that I could ask them to please leave, or come back at another time.  I am still learning and growing into this new awareness. Actually it is not new to me at all. It is more like, speaking from a position of I no longer care what anybody thinks! It is such a liberating feeling. Who cares who thinks I am crazy. My crazy life has brought me the laughter, tears, and knowledge, that I have yet to find in any book. Moral of the story....Write your own story!! 



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"Thanks Kisha, I really appreciate your help."-Marie