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Angry Woman or Man Food..

     So I really hope that I can keep this blog up.  I am determined to overcome my shortcomings, one way or another. Right now my head is pounding, and I have absolutely no idea why.  I am not big on taking OTC pain killers until it is absolutely necessary.  I always worry about the side effects of these little pills.  Over the years I have come to appreciate that being a Medium, has its pluses as well as negatives.  Yeah you may think it's cool to "know" things before they happen. Or being able to tune into a situation and give input from the spirit world. To some degree it is fulfilling but, because I tap into the spiritual realm, my system has to be in tuned as well.  When I eat food that is loaded with chemicals, or triggers some sort of allergy, it throws off my channeling.  It becomes harder to hear the messages, and they are not as accurate. So for this reason, I must watch what I eat, and from whom I eat it from.  Energy is everywhere, and you better believe, that the energy of the person preparing your food, goes right into it. Good or bad.  So it is not wise to upset the person who is preparing your food....unless you want to eat "Angry Woman or Man food".... Till next time.

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"Thanks Kisha, I really appreciate your help."-Marie