Energy Reader Kisha B

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What is an Energy Reader

    An Energy Reader, or some would say a Psychic Medium is a person who can communicate with the energy of an individual that has passed on (keep reading, I'm not crazy) as well as read your energy, whether it be clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, or clairsentiently. I posses all of these gifts. (Thank you God!)  This communication happens on what is called an Higher Energy Plane.

     So if you are thinking, I go to the cemetery and wait for the bodies to crawl from their grave and have a chat....You are quite wrong! I would be the first one running if that happened! We must know that as our physical body passes, our spirit goes back to God. This is where we started in the first place. The spiritual realm where all spirit resides, is what I access when I try and connect and communicate with those that have passed on.  Hollywood has done a disservice, by making everything spooky that has to deal with the spiritual world. It is my hope that we all wake up from this mockery.

     I discovered this gift when I was sixteen years old, when I saw my grandfather, clear as day, in spirit form sitting on the stage near his coffin, in which he was lying in. I of course was confused and freaked out to say the least because, I did not know what it meant or how he got there.  I could not fully grasp why everyone was upset, and crying.  To me grandpa was happy walking around and NOT in that coffin. So I sat there confused, on the fact that I was not upset like everyone else, and felt kind of guilty.  But I knew what I saw & no one was going to sway me otherwise.  All I was told was that, "It means he made it to the other side, and he is alright." 

     That memory has stayed with me forever.  It prompted me to search for answers, as to what it all meant, and what exactly was this other side?  Through my research I began to discover more of my gifts, and realized that I could use it to help people. 

"Thanks Kisha, I really appreciate your help."-Marie